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How to Fuel Your Product-Led Growth (PLG) Website: The 2 Funnel Challenge

Duration - 40 minutes
Nimrod Kozol

Nimrod Kozol

Head of Growth Marketing, Lusha

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Nimrod Kozol, Lusha’s Head of Growth Marketing and Initiator for the 2 Funnel Challenge.

Nimrod is an expert in Growth Marketing specializing in scaling ad spend and optimizing contradicting sales funnels. With over a decade of experience, he has integrated his unique testing philosophy in the experimentation process and improved Lusha’s growth exponentially.

About the session:

In this webinar, Nimrod shares insights on what it takes to build and drive a culture of experimentation in a PLG company. He will also share his journey of scaling the monthly ad budget at Lusha from $5K to +$2M in just one year with the cost-per-acquisition and conversion metrics intact., a B2B PLG company with nearly one million users, is tasked with two seemingly opposing goals:

  1. Sales at scale:

    Generating tens of thousands of monthly website signups for Lusha’s PLG, self-service funnel.

  2. Enterprise lead generation:

    Generating hundreds of monthly product qualified leads for sales to qualify into enterprise contracts worth thousands of dollars.

So, how does Lusha support the two seemingly contradictory funnels?

Join this webinar to find out! 

Topics covered in the session:

  • What is PLG and what is considered as ‘growth’ at a PLG company?
  • The process and testing framework that helped Nimrod’s team scale the monthly ad spend from $5K to over $2M without compromising on conversion rates.
  • The challenges of optimizing 2 contradictory funnels.
  • Testing at Lusha - the approach and its benefits.
  • Three specific tests with surprising results
  • Analyzing the results: What does it all mean?

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