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Aligning Full-Funnel Marketing to CX for Reliable Growth

Duration - 45 minutes
David Isaac Mathews

David Isaac Mathews

Chief Growth Officer, GrowthOps

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It doesn’t matter if you are selling software or cement if your company is 3 or 30,000 strong – businesses of all kinds thrive for one thing: reassurance that their path to success is sound. 

Many companies (startups especially) focus on sharp spikes in metrics such as users or conversions, because it is considered a proxy for growth. But for growth to be meaningful, it needs to be sustainable and reliable. 

David Isaac Mathews is here to talk about just that. 

In the last 20 years, David has had a wildly successful career as a growth specialist. He has founded 2 companies and exited 1, he’s mentored over 100 startups in Singapore, headed business units for various companies, and overall, just a great person to chat about growth with.

In this webinar, he will cover:

  • An approach to unifying GTM and Product Strategy
  • How Marketing and Product can share tools to build personalised customer experiences
  • How to make the voice of the customer more actionable

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