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Flos USA Boosted Checkout Conversion Rate Using VWO

125% Checkout rate

Über Flos USA

Established in 1962 in Merano, Italy, Flos is recognized as a world-leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions. It exports to more than 70 countries worldwide and has single-brand stores in Rome, Paris, New York, and Stockholm among other major locations.

Flos USA is a subsidiary of Flos, which serves as an online store selling lighting solutions to consumers in the US and Canada. We spoke with Harinder Jaura, chief consultant for VWO Services, about how his team followed a structured CRO process to help Flos USA optimize conversion rates on their eCommerce store.


Being a niche eCommerce website, Flos USA was struggling with the behemoth issue of low checkout conversion rate. In May 2017, Flos USA decided to work with VWO Services since they lacked the necessary resources and expertise to tackle this situation.

The team at Flos wanted to optimize their website in a structured, process-oriented manner, without having to invest in building an in-house team – hence they decided to work with experts from the VWO Services team. For VWO Services team, this translated into the challenge of end-to-end optimization of the website conversion funnel for Flos USA.

Given we were dealing with a perennial issue of low conversion rates on our eCommerce store, we wanted to bring in someone who has already tackled this successfully. Since we did not have the bandwidth to build a team in-house, we decided to try VWO.

Daniel Kamen

Daniel Kamen

eCommerce Director
94 Flos Usa


After getting on-board, Harinder, our chief consultant for VWO Services, decided to begin his research by analyzing Flos USA’s website analytics data. Harinder also conducted qualitative visitor research using tools such as heatmaps, scrollmaps, session recordings and more to glean deeper, actionable insights. He realized the best course of action would be to optimize for each stage of the journey a typical visitor follows on their website, i.e.

Visitor | Homepage > Listing Page > Product Page > Cart Page > Checkout | Customer

With this approach in mind, Harinder and his team ran a total of 30 campaigns over a period of 17 months, ultimately increasing checkout conversion rates by about 125%. These tests were conducted to validate the hypotheses which the team had generated by digging into quantitative data and qualitative data using VWO.

Here are a few successful campaigns which they implemented at each stage of the conversion funnel:


Goal: Visits to Category Page(s)

Hypothesis: Changing the Homepage layout to be more focused on site navigation will improve visibility and make is easy for the user to find the products they need

Winner: Variation

Conversion Rate Uplift: 6.77%



Product Listing Page

Goal: Visits to Product Page(s)

Hypothesis: Adding a CTA to the listing tiles will increase relevance for the user and lead to more visits to the product page.

Winner: Variation 1

Uplift: 47% more orders, 86% more revenue

Control vs Variation(s)

Control (No CTA)

Variation 1 (CTA)

Variation 2 (CTA + Price + Description)

Variation 3 (CTA + Price)

Product Page

Goal: Add To Cart

Hypothesis: Updating the Choose Finish option to view color swatches will remove confusion among users

Winner: Variation 2

Conversion Rate Uplift: 19.35%

Control vs Variation(s)

Control (No Color Swatches)

Variation 1 (Visible Color Swatches)

Variation 2 (Visible Color Swatches + UI Change for Model selection)

Cart Page

Goal: Add To Cart

Hypothesis: Keeping only essential information and keeping the header with link to cart page will improve clarity for the user

Winner: Variation

Conversion Rate Uplift: 36.97%

Control vs Variation




In a span of 18 months, VWO Services has been able to improve Flos USA’s checkout conversion rate by 125%, which has, in turn, resulted in a ROI of 18X for Flos USA.

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With quick execution and strong hypothesis at its backbone, VWO Services has been successfully able to optimize Flos USA’s conversion funnel, one test at a time. Harinder and his team have plans to scale their success a notch higher. The next steps in their optimization roadmap include personalization on Flos USA’s website and having a long-term calendar for planned campaigns.

You can also take a free trial with VWO to understand more about how we can aid you on your optimization journey. 

The VWO services team has far exceeded my expectations and continues to push the needle. The team is exceptional in their knowledge and works like an extension of our team doing what the job takes without you having to worry about anything. The fact that communication is clear and they in tandem push us to think differently is a big plus. They handle all the implementation which is amazing so we can move fast. I highly recommend VWO services.

Daniel Kamen

Daniel Kamen

eCommerce Director
94 Flos Usa
94 Flos Usa


New York, United States




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