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ADT Corrected Its CTA Copy To Boost Its Conversions Using VWO

60% Conversion

About ADT

ADT, a Tyco International company, provides safety solutions for residential and commercial properties. Its portfolio includes burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control, electronic article surveillance, radio frequency identification, fire detection, integrated solutions, and 24/7 monitoring.

To test its new website, ADT UK hired Bloom, an integrated digital marketing agency. Bloom needed to determine which CTA was more effective in conversions; and to test these CTAs, they used the VWO platform.

Goals: Increasing Conversions

Following the launch of its new website in December 2013, ADT saw a 20% jump in conversions. The company believed that further testing would enable them to identify opportunities to further increase conversions by optimizing website elements and thus enhancing usability across different device types.

One of the elements the company and Bloom identified as a lever for higher conversions was the CTA.

The original CTA invited visitors to Book a Free Survey. This is what the page looked like.

Tests run: Refining CTA Text to Resonate Better with Users

Keen to see if a different CTA would encourage users to submit an inquiry form, ADT and Bloom decided to test 2 variations of the CTA button copy. The control was tested against Variation 1 with the CTA Book An ADT Survey and Variation 2 with the CTA Get a Free Quote.

As the CTA was located across the site, ADT would have needed to change the CTA text on every page. To create 2 variations of the CTA text and to test each of these, ADT and Bloom  used the URL patterns option of VWO. They didn’t need to change the CTA on every page.

A screenshot of Variation 2 is shown below:

The test was run for 14 days. It was targeted at 50% of new visitors, ensuring that no participant had previously seen a different CTA. The test was primarily focused on increasing the conversion rate of residential leads; however, secondary conversions were tracked for commercial leads as well, to analyze the full breadth of customers.

To gain a clearer picture of the broader ADT customer and to understand how PPC and organic users, as well as any direct or referrals, converted, traffic sources were not segmented. This was achieved by easily integrating the test with Google Analytics (GA) and analyzing the data. The traffic was split equally between the control and 2 variations:

  • Control – Book a Free Survey
  • Variation 1 – Book an ADT Survey
  • Variation 2 – Get a Free Quote

The words survey and quote were used to determine if either would significantly increase lead generation. In other words, did visitors to the ADT website have more of an affinity to the word “quote” or “survey”? The use of “ADT” in the CTA text was based on previous user testing, which indicated that users wanted to know if they would be getting an “ADT survey” rather than an independent security survey.

Conclusion: 60% Increase in Conversion Rates

Within 2 weeks, Variation 2 (where the CTA said Get a Free Quote) outperformed both the control and variation 1, and showed a 60% increase in conversion rates.

Variation 1 was automatically disabled, as ADT had enabled VWO’s Automatically disable losing variations feature to ensure that lead volumes were not impacted by a poorly performing variation.

The control and the winning variation are shown below:

Based on the test results, ADT decided to implement the new CTA site-wide.

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Florida, US




60% increase in Conversion

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