High school football 2022: Complete week-by-week schedules

High school football 2022: Complete week-by-week schedules

Here are the week-by-week high school football schedules for TSSAA schools in the Daily Memphian coverage area. Kickoffs are at 7 p.m. unless noted. All games in Mississippi during the month of September will kick off at 7:30 p.m. due to heat concerns.

Dates and times are subject to change.

Week 1

Aug. 18: Fairley vs East at Crump; Raleigh-Egypt vs Kingsbury at Cordova; Oakhaven vs Middle College at Melrose; Memphis Business Academy at Harding; Hillcrest vs Trezevant at Raleigh-Egypt; Munford at Covington.

Aug. 19: Bluff City vs. Sheffield at Southwind; Craigmont at Bolton; Millington at Kirby; Manassas vs. Freedom Prep at Booker T. Washington; Cordova at Central; Ridgeway at Houston; Wooddale at Collierville; MLK Prep at Dyersburg; Southwind at Lausanne; Booker T. Washington at Briarcrest; MUS at Arlington; PURE Youth at Bartlett; Brighton at St. Benedict; Chester County at Fayette-Ware; St. George’s at Goodpasture; Nashville Ensworth at ECS; Jackson Christian at Northpoint; Clarksville Academy at FACS; Marshall Academy (Miss.) at Fayette Academy; Halls at Tipton-Rosemark.

Aug. 20: CBHS at Germantown; White Station at Melrose; Whitehaven Classic at Whitehaven: 3 p.m.: Mitchell vs. Whitehaven; 5 p.m.: Douglass vs. Westwood; 7:30 p.m. Overton vs. Whitehaven.

Week 2

Aug. 25: Kingsbury vs. Craigmont at Raleigh-Egypt; MLK Prep vs. Freedom Prep at Cordova; Memphis Business Academy at Macon Road Baptist; Hamilton vs. Wooddale at Kirby; KIPP at FACS.

Aug. 26: St. Benedict at Cordova; Germantown at MUS; Hillcrest vs. Fairley at Freeman; Southwind at Kirby; Westwood at South Gibson; Oakhaven at Brownsville Haywood; Mitchell at Melrose; Sheffield at CBHS; Bolton at Raleigh-Egypt; MASE at Harding; Trezevant at Independence (Tenn.); White Station at Central; Manassas at Milan; Ridgeway at Whitehaven; Douglass at Collierville; East at Arlington; Bluff City at H.W. Byars (Miss.); Bartlett at Hoover (Ala.); Briarcrest at Houston; Brighton at Northpoint; Millington at Munford; Covington at Jackson North Side; Fayette-Ware at McNairy Central; St. George’s at Jackson Christian; ECS at Jackson Trinity Christian; Fayette Academy at Halls; Clarksdale (Miss.) at Center Hill; DeSoto Central at Senatobia; Tunica Rosa Fort at Hernando; Grenada (Miss.) at Horn Lake; Lewisburg at Lake Cormorant; Neshoba (Miss.) at Olive Branch.

Aug. 27: Overton at Tipton-Rosemark.

Week 3

Sept. 1: Freedom Prep vs. Mitchell at Whitehaven; Sheffield vs. Hamilton at Crump; Southwind vs. Kingsbury at Cordova; Middle College vs. MASE at Melrose; Memphis Business Academy vs. East at Booker T. Washington; Jackson Central-Merry vs. MLK Prep at Raleigh-Egypt; Hillcrest at Oakhaven; Jackson Trinity Christian at Fayette Academy.

Sept. 2: Dyersburg at Bolton; Houston at Cordova; Bluff City at Booker T. Washington; Manassas vs. Fairley at Freeman; Wooddale at Lausanne; Center Hill at Kirby; White Station at Collierville; Warren County (Tenn.) vs. Ridgeway at Halle; Germantown at Whitehaven; Westwood at Middleton; Douglass at Munford; Overton at Brighton; Craigmont at Fayette-Ware; Central at Dyer County; Arlington at Bartlett; Millington at Covington; CBHS at Nashville Ensworth; Briarcrest at Brentwood Academy; MUS at St. Benedict; St. George’s at Olive Branch; ECS at Tupelo Christian Prep; Marshall County (Ky.) at Northpoint; Harding at FACS; Tipton-Rosemark at University School of Jackson; Lake Cormorant at DeSoto Central; Hernando at Cleveland (Miss.) Central; Horn Lake at Lafayette (Miss.); Byhalia (Miss.) at Lewisburg; Columbus (Miss.) at Southaven.

Sept. 3: Raleigh-Egypt vs. Trezevant at Crump, 3 p.m.

Week 4

Sept. 8: Wooddale at Bolton; Freedom Prep vs. Westwood at Whitehaven; KIPP vs. Manassas at Cordova; MASE vs. Memphis Business Academy at Crump; Southwind vs. Ridgeway at Halle.

Sept. 9: Hamilton vs. Fairley at Freeman; Sheffield vs. Craigmont at Raleigh-Egypt; Douglass vs. Kingsbury at Melrose; Melrose vs. East at Crump; Hillcrest at Germantown; Kirby at South Gibson; White Station at CBHS; Trezevant at Dyer County; Raleigh-Egypt at MUS; Overton at Arlington; MLK Prep at Fayette-Ware; Brentwood Academy at Whitehaven; Central at South Panola; Middle College at Northpoint; Bartlett at Lausanne; Collierville at Center Hill; PURE Youth at Houston; Covington at Brighton; Munford at Dyersburg; Fayette Academy at Millington; DeSoto Central at Briarcrest; St. Benedict at St. George’s; ECS at Jackson Christian; FACS at Halls; Chattanooga Christian at Harding; Hernando at Grenada (Miss.); Lake Cormorant at Horn Lake; Lewisburg at Kosciusko (Miss.); Olive Branch at Starkville; Lafayette (Miss.) at Southaven.

Week 5

Sept. 15: KIPP vs. Fairley at Freeman; MASE at Booker T. Washington; Ridgeway vs. Craigmont at Raleigh-Egypt; Hamilton vs. East at Crump; MLK Prep vs. Hillcrest at Whitehaven; Oakhaven vs. Manassas at Cordova; Trezevant vs. Sheffield at Kirby; Westwood vs. Middle College at Halle.

Sept. 16: Memphis Business Academy vs Lonoke (Ark.), 6 p.m.; Middleton vs. Bluff City at Kirby; Bartlett at Germantown; Cordova at Collierville; Whitehaven at Houston; Fayette-Ware at Melrose; Brighton at Central; Jackson Central-Merry vs. Mitchell at Whitehaven; Overton at Munford; Dyer County at Southwind; Arlington vs. White Station at Cordova; Bolton at Millington; Freedom Prep at St. George’s; Covington at Ripley; CBHS at Briarcrest; Nashville Ensworth at MUS; Brentwood Academy at St. Benedict; Olive Branch at ECS; Lausanne at Greenville (Ala.); University School of Jackson at FACS; Harding at Jackson Christian; Fayette Academy at Tipton-Rosemark Academy; Center Hill at Jonesboro; Grenada (Miss.) at DeSoto Central; Malvern (Ark.) at Hernando; Southaven at Lake Cormorant.

Sept. 17: Wooddale vs Kirby, 6 p.m.; Douglass vs Raleigh-Egypt.

Week 6

Sept. 22: KIPP vs. Freedom Prep at Freeman; Overton vs. Kingsbury at Cordova; Raleigh-Egypt vs. Memphis Business Academy at Melrose; Mitchell vs. Hillcrest at Whitehaven; Manassas vs. MLK Prep at Raleigh-Egypt; Bolton at Fayette-Ware.

Sept. 23: Craigmont at Bolivar Central; Arlington at Cordova; Sheffield vs. East at Crump; Houston at Germantown; Crockett County at Kirby; Douglass vs. Hamilton at Freeman; Westwood at Lexington; Ridgeway at MUS; Brownsville Haywood at Melrose; White Station at Bartlett; Fairley at Oakhaven; Central at Southwind; Middle College vs. Trezevant at Raleigh-Egypt; Collierville at Whitehaven; Wooddale at Briarcrest; MASE at Jackson Central-Merry; Booker T. Washington at ECS; RePublic (Tenn.) at Brighton; Munford at Dyer County; Northpoint at Millington; PURE Youth at CBHS; Wooddale at Briarcrest; St. Benedict at Nashville Ensworth; St. George’s at Franklin Road Academy; Lausanne at Humboldt; FACS at Richland; Halls at Harding; Clarksville Academy at Fayette Academy; Tipton-Rosemark at Jackson Trinity Christian; Center Hill at Southaven; Olive Branch at DeSoto Central; Hernando at South Panola; Horn Lake at Lewisburg; Lake Cormorant at Greeneville (Miss.).

Week 7

Sept. 29: Melrose vs. Craigmont at Raleigh-Egypt; St. Benedict vs. East at Germantown; Freedom Prep vs. Hillcrest at Whitehaven; Oakhaven vs. KIPP at Cordova; Mitchell vs. Manassas at Booker T. Washington; Westwood vs. MASE at Melrose; Cordova vs. White Station at Crump; Wooddale vs.
Ridgeway at Kirby.

Sept. 30: Bolivar Central at Bolton; Germantown at Collierville; MLK Prep vs. Fairley at Freeman; Whitehaven at Arlington; Fayette-Ware at Kirby; Kingsbury at Central; Bluff City vs. Middle College at Melrose; Dyer County vs. Overton at Halle; Hamilton at Raleigh-Egypt; Memphis Business Academy vs. Sheffield at Southwind; Booker T. Washington at Middleton; Bartlett at Houston; Brighton at Munford; Millington at Ripley; Dyersburg at Covington; Brentwood Academy at CBHS; Briarcrest at MUS; Northpoint at St. George’s; Lausanne at ECS; Harding at Jackson Trinity Christian; Fayette Academy at University School of Jackson; Tipton-Rosemark at Jackson Christian; Lewisburg at Center Hill; DeSoto Central at Horn Lake; Southaven at Hernando; Lake Cormorant at Cleveland (Miss.) Central; South Panola at Olive Branch.

Oct. 1: Douglass vs. Trezevant at Crump.

Week 8

Oct. 6: Craigmont vs. Westwood at Freeman; Douglass vs. East at Crump; Memphis Business Academy vs. Trezevant at Cordova; Fairley vs. Mitchell at Whitehaven; Raleigh-Egypt vs. Sheffield at Kirby; Booker T. Washington at Dyersburg; Manassas at Caruthersville (Mo.); Collierville at Houston; Davidson Academy at Northpoint.

Oct. 7: Bartlett at Cordova; MASE at Middleton; Arlington at Germantown; Overton at Central; Freedom Prep vs. Middle College at Melrose; Oakhaven vs. MLK Prep at Raleigh-Egypt; Kirby vs. Ridgeway at Halle; Munford at Southwind; White Station at Whitehaven; Melrose vs. Wooddale at Kirby; Kingsbury at Brighton; Covington at Bolivar Central; PURE Youth at Briarcrest; FACS at Fayette Academy; Harding at Tipton-Rosemark; Center Hill at DeSoto Central; Hernando at Lewisburg; Olive Branch at Horn Lake; Saltillo (Miss.) at Lake Cormorant.

Week 9

Oct. 13: Kingsbury at Cordova.

Oct. 14: Ripley at Bolton; Melrose vs. Hamilton at Crump; MLK Prep vs. KIPP at Melrose; Bluff City at St. Benedict; Mitchell at Oakhaven; Dyersburg at Millington; Covington at Dyer County; MUS at CBHS; St. George’s at Lausanne; ECS at Northpoint; Jackson Christian at FACS; Horn Lake at Center Hill; DeSoto Central at Hernando; Lake Cormorant at West Point (Miss.); Lewisburg at South Panola; Southaven at Olive Branch.

Oct. 15: Manassas at Byhalia (Miss.)

Week 10

Oct. 20: Westwood vs. Bluff City at Kirby; Wooddale vs. Craigmont at Raleigh-Egypt; Freedom Prep vs. Fairley at Whitehaven; KIPP vs. Hillcrest at Freeman; Halls vs. MASE at Booker T. Washington; Memphis Business Academy vs. Douglass at Cordova; Southwind vs. Overton at Halle; Trezevant vs. Hamilton at Melrose; Lausanne at South Gibson.

Oct. 21: Whitehaven at Cordova; Kirby at Melrose; CBHS at Central; Sheffield at Northpoint; MLK Prep vs. Mitchell at Whitehaven; Bolton at Oakhaven; East at Raleigh-Egypt; Fayette-Ware vs. Ridgeway at Halle; Germantown vs. White Station at Kirby; Kingsbury at Munford; Houston at Arlington; Collierville at Bartlett; Dyer County at Brighton; Millington at McNairy Central; Brownsville Haywood at Covington; St. Benedict at Briarcrest; PURE Youth at MUS; University School of Jackson at St. George’s; FACS at Tipton-Rosemark; Harding at Fayette Academy; Olive Branch at Center Hill; South Panola at DeSoto Central; Hernando at Horn Lake; New Hope (Miss.) at Lake Cormorant; Southaven at Lewisburg.

Oct. 22: Middle College at Booker T. Washington.

Week 11

Oct. 27: Hamilton vs. Memphis Business Academy at Crump; Craigmont at Kirby; Hillcrest vs. Manassas at Booker T. Washington; Bluff City vs. MASE at Melrose; Freedom Prep at Oakhaven; Raleigh-Egypt vs. Overton at Cordova; Melrose vs. Ridgeway at Halle; East vs. Trezevant at RaleighEgypt; Booker T. Washington vs. Westwood at Freeman.

Oct. 28: Central at Munford; Bolton at Covington; Sheffield vs. Douglass at Melrose; Kingsbury at Dyer County; Tipton-Rosemark vs. Fairley at Freeman; Southwind at Brighton; Cordova at Germantown; Wooddale at Fayette-Ware; Mitchell vs. KIPP at Cordova; Middleton vs. Middle College at Crump; White Station at Houston; Bartlett at Whitehaven; Arlington at Collierville; Bolivar Central at Millington; St. Benedict at CBHS; Nashville Ensworth at Briarcrest; MUS at Brentwood Academy; St. George’s at ECS; Lausanne at Northpoint; Jackson Trinity Christian at FACS; University School of Jackson at Harding; Fayette Academy at Jackson Christian; Center Hill at Hernando; DeSoto Central at Southaven; Horn Lake at South Panola; Lake Cormorant at Columbus (Miss.); Lewisburg at Olive Branch.

Week 12

Nov. 3: Playoffs begin in Tennessee; South Panola at Center Hill; Hernando at Olive Branch; Southaven at Horn Lake; Lafayette (Miss.) at Lake Cormorant.

Nov. 4: Lewisburg at DeSoto Central.

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