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Leveraging Customer Data Using CDP to Build a Great Personalization Strategy

Duration - 60 minutes
Joost Kuijlaars

Joost Kuijlaars

Founder & CEO, The Data Actors

Bas Cuperus

Bas Cuperus

Marketing Intelligence Consultant, Invenna

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Customer data is the foundation of any personalization strategy. However, incomplete or poorly structured data is the biggest reason why most personalization attempts fail or deliver subpar conversion.

To address this challenge CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) quickly emerged as a great respite for marketers and simultaneously witnessed enormous adoption. They brought order and sanity to customer data. However, CDPs are just a tool and to be able to effectively use them to deliver a great personalization experience is still a matter of skill.

Both Bas Cuperus and Joost Kuijlaars have decades of experience between them implementing personalization at fast-growing companies. In this webinar, they are going to share a practical roadmap that one can adopt to successfully implement personalization on their digital properties.

Key Take Aways

  • Data Paradox - Which customers are the most valuable?
  • Customer Data Platform - Bringing offline and online customer data together to get 360° view.
  • How to build an effective personalization implementation roadmap?

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